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how hot is a 600w?


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hi guys, hope everyones well.


few quick queries -


i've got 4 25l round buckets (bout 2 foot hight) wondering if they'll be ok for dwc? the lids fit a 250mm net pot nicely, but are they too deep?


in a shower recess roughly 3 foot sqaure 6-7 foot high, will one 600w sontagro hsp give sufficient light, and importantly will it burn my place down without ventilation? if so, any suggestions for venting it?


lastly, i scored a load of expanded clay balls for free, will this gear be fine as a medium for dwc? i was just gonna fill the baskets with it? any suggestions for easy 1mix nutrients (dunno if the medium affects the nutes?)


met a guy last nite who's harvesting about a pound a week, growing in nursery sheds! bit of a nutter :angry: rather be self reliant. :D


cheers again

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hey mate, sounds like you're on the right track.


yeah those buckets are perfect for DWC. Make them light proof, wrap in black PVC tape or wrap in some sort of sheeting.


250mm netpots is too big I reckon. 150mm should be OK. I use 100mm but only grow plants that are about 3 feet tall.


yeah clay balls is the perfect medium for netpots in bubblers. Make sure you rinse em out good first.


600watts sounds good for that space. Rule of thumb is minimum 40W per square foot. You're at 66watts per square foot so I'd be happy with that.


I would recommend Canna nutes, but I don't know that there's a lot of difference between different brands of MJ hydro nutes. Canna has a good rep though and mixes in very clean, no residue. You just need Canna Veg and Canna Flores. One litre bottles part A&B will last many grows.


here's some good threads on bubblers for ya





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cheers pipeman,


i appreciate the feedback, specially since im cuttin my tubs as we speak, and the flame i was heatin the knife with was just too convenient - so now im tryin not to get distracted by the joint i lit on it! -pics really help too.


still a bit sketchy bout the radiant heat i'll have in the shower. in a space that size will i need to ventilate from a 600w hps? hope not, coz cuttin holes in my wall could get very tricky. :D


i might just try n get a pic of the area and see what everyone thinks, see what i can find.



thanks again

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Optimum grow wattage is 50w per square foot, 9 x 50 = 450w, you are a little over that which is ok.


Ventilation in the grow room is every bit as important as the light, without the heat removal and the supply of fresh air the plants will not grow very well at all. Doesn’t the shower recess have an exhaust fan already which could be replaced with a more suitable fan?

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Guest elefunk_delivers

600s create alot of heat...

suggest a fan blowing the heat away from shade or lamp.. will drop temps conciderably


thats whayn i had to do.. and maybe running your lights at night..

i think u will have to concider ventilation.. its pritty much a must..



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