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Nice little problem solver chart I found

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Good one pipe, although just for reference, I think that comes from the Marijuana Growers' Guide, Indoor Edition...


The second one posted by Budwavers excellent... couple of diff versions of it around, but the overgrow one seems to be the best... If in doubt, check it out... :D


Nute deficiencies and toxicities are rarely encountered on a singular basis tho, usually if you're deficient or overdosing on one, its going to have a knock on effect and make for multiple symptoms... which can be confusing, to say the least....


MJ specific nutes are fully balanced and designed for this plant anyway, so if you're getting a prob in a hydro system, it's likely to be over or underfeeding, or a simple ph imbalance, not an individual deficiency... Leaving recirculating systems too long between water changes can cause these problems too, as there is no real way to determine actual concentrations of individual nutes, just total. :)


Once again, good ones pipe and budwaver, these are charts we needed here. ;)

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