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Northern Rivers growers or anyone...

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Have grown this indoor for a while. Originally got some seed from a friend who grew this outdoor around the Uki, Northern Rivers area. The strain was explained to me as a 'short-term' Nepalese. As its characteristics are tall and stretchy (seen it at 12ft outdoors), i interpret this as a Nepalese Sativa x some indica dominant strain. It does throw wide-fingered leaves early on which gradually get thinner and thinner. Indoor it takes 9-10wks to finish flowering. Very vigorous growth, i have to tie it down pretty hard for the first couple of weeks of flower. Buds are more like donkey-dicks as opposed to spear shaped. Quite crystally, shows resin on the upper bud leaves. Beautiful smell - something like tropical fruits and ripe pineapple :D . The stone is very up but calm - can smoke it all day and buzz around and do things :) . What else - clones quite easily, 12 days or so. Have found it doesn't like to be pruned much and needs two weeks of veg. atleast or will hermie. Like its not a killer smoke but very enjoyable, eezy. Hope someone can help, would like to know where she came from. Here are some pics from the last grow. Peace.


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