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changeover timing...


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Hey all,


How does everyone go from veg to flower? I mean do you just flush then change the nutes from grow to bloom in one day, ie: one day your plants are on say 18 hours light with grow mix in the reservoir then bang, next day all change to 12 / 12 light cycle & bloom nutes in the res?

Or do you stagger the process & if so how? Eg You could turn the lights on to 12/12 or whatever a few days before changing the nutes from grow tro bloom formula. Could maybe change the nutes then do the lights a few days after that?

Is there a best way to go from flower to bloom? Do different methods produce different effects like more stretching or denser buds? Does anyone know?

Interested to hear your opinions,



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Guest weekprik

I dont know if its best but,

I change the light to 12/12 and keep grow nutes in their until I can see flowers forming, its at that stage that I remove all my nutes, I then run just plain ph adjusted water for 3 days giving the plant time to use its grow nutes up, (mainly to flush Nitrogen),

I then add my a+b formula to 1400ppm, and adjust the ph from 6.3 veg to 5.5 flower.


I thern run this for another 2 days before adding my additives,

Every grow I have tried something new,

eg- last time i used Amsterdam indoors a+b, with Potash, DM max, and oxyplus,


this time Ive gone for AI A+B, Nutriboost, Silica(budlink), extreame Potash (pk 9-18),


The potash I use 2ml to 1ltr, or 300ppm, and when I use it I only use 4ml of a+b.


But seriously I havent found much differences between grows with different nutes, Im starting to think additves aint as good as they are spose to be.

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Guest BudWaver

Ive found that if you have amassive res and decide to turn em over half way thru your nutes ...theres no probs in using the grow nutes for a couple of weeks...but I wouldnt go beyond that as you know the plants require diff amounts of nutes in secondary stage but Ive never found this to adversely affect budding or anything..Unless your using SB where it needs those added chems


Um Im not too sure if this is accurate or not but its worth a try if you wanna do a trial...turn off all the light for 24-48 hours at the onset of flowering to accelerate flowering and reduce stretch...


I cant say Ive noticed a diff doing that...but Im lazy...

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