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Flushing the plants before harvest?


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Hey guys,


I got 2 plants growing and I have one that is ready to be flushed with water for 2 weeks before i harvest but I have another plant that may be a different strain that isnt ready yet. I am using an aeromachine so does anyone have a good idea on how i can flush the ready one with water without interupting the plant that needs a few more weeks?

Would it matter to the other plant that it was getting just pure water for like a week and then put back on nuts?

Does anyone else flush there plants before harvest?

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Guest weekprik

you need to flush for the 2 weeks or otherwise you can flush in 3 days like said, BUT you would have to use a product like :final Flush" or something,


Products like "final Flush" are damn good, in that if you flush for 2 weeks the MJ plant freaks out because it has no food and starts to stress,

Final flush etc works by providing minute amounts of an organic compound to feed the plant enough to live and not stress but it still causes the plant to use up its excess nutes.


Now I know what your thinking- why put nutrients in if your trying to flush? well answer to that is- Valid point however I would prefer to smoke organic nutes than chemical nutes, But prefer to grow with Chemicals over organic for speed, and yield.

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Honestly? Grower preference mate. Personally, I think 5-6 days is plenty. I'd use distilled water, or tap water that's been left overnight to allow the chlorine and shit 2 evaporate.

You can only flush what the plant is holding within the leaves and veins really. So I find 2 weeks a little bit much. Also, your drying/curing is what will make the difference in the end, the longer you cure, the more you allow the plant to use up what's left, like it's chloryphyl. That's the shitty harsh taste you sometimes get with greenish pot.

If you're patient, allow it to slow dry over a week or so. When you can snap the stem, it's dry. Put your buds into airtight containers, don't pack them in too tight. Make sure it is dry properley, or you'll end up with mouldy budz :rolleyes: I find old formula tins work the best. Then burp them daily for about 2 weeks, or more and you'll have a choice smoko. Flushed for 2 weeks, or 2 days, doesn't matter if you're prepared to wait a little afterwards.

You can let them cure a lot longer. The longer they cure, the better they'll taste! You should end up with a pleasent smell while curing, a nice fruity/herby smell. If it's an unpleasent, tangy smell, take it out and let it dry a little more.

As to flush products, well, if you've got money 2 burn, fine. But why waste money that you really don't need too?

Sorry weekprik, my opinion anyway! B)

And please, please don't fan dry if you haven't flushed for at least a week. Fan drying small amounts at a time is o.k (for me anyway!), but it really isn't the best way to dry.

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Flush with aged water for at least 5 days, I flush for 2 weeks myself which I admit is a little excessive but I like to make sure all the chems are gone, I haven't noticed any stress from this.


I also like to give the plants 48 hrs darkness just before harvest, it smooths the smoke out a bit more which is fairly important for a non tobacco smoker, no-one coughs with my pot.

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Guest BudWaver

I heard this one today....


If u flush your plants before harvest for 2 weeks then it says to the plants flowers that spring is approaching and this is their last chance to be pollinated so they pack on the weight and resin....


you dont NEED to flush...its not essential...but it can along with proper curing make for nicer buds...How? Im not too sure...but like Taz says it can smooth out the smoke....

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I also like to give the plants 48 hrs darkness just before harvest, it smooths the smoke out a bit more which is fairly important for a non tobacco smoker, no-one coughs with my pot.

Hey Taz.......ever tried leaving them with the lights off for a couple of days longer, even a week? I do around a week, but I'm growing white widow. Though other strains do nicely with it apparently :rolleyes: .

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