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Bucket Bong (gravity bong)

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Bucket Bong (gravity bong)

Also known as bucket bongs, beach bongs, and depth charges, this is essentially a device that uses gravity and air pressure to draw the smoke into a large chamber and then expel it quickly into the lungs. This gives much larger hits than most instruments, and it is possible to get quite fried quickly with a relatively small amount of weed.




A 2 Litre Plastic Soda Bottle (preferably transparent)

A 5 Gallon Bucket

A 5/8" Socket from a Tool Set

A Knife to cut the Soda Bottle

A Normal metal cone piece (or mesh) used in Marijuana Pipes or Bowls



Cut the plastic bottle at the very bottom where it starts to fold in on itself and form the bottom. Cut the whole bottom off the bottle. Next, put the screen into the 5/8" socket. This is your bowl. Think we're crazy? This size socket fits PERFECTLY into the mouth of the soda bottle. You can try any other cone piece that will fit- some head shops sell rubber corks with a hole in the middle for a metal cone piece. Another cheap alternative is a rubber hose with a cone piece that fits at the top. Place the bottle into the bucket and fill the bucket with water until it reaches close to the neck of the bottle. That's it!





Put a lighter to the bowl and gradually lift the bottle out of the water. The slower your lift the bottle, the more concentrated the smoke will be and vice versa. If you do it perfectly, the smoke looks like it's raining down the sides of the bottle- it's very beautiful when you're stoned.

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Heh heh, gotta agree with ya on the clumsy thing... Depends on the user as to whether someone drops the conepiece in tho...


Nah, not rockets... look, I was tired last night so didn't get around to it, but I'll get onto making one today for ya and show what I'm talking about.


Pics should be up by late arvo my time.


One of the best bongs I ever smoked out of was made from a breast-pump. Fucking weird I know, but damn that was a good little bong. ;)

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Buckets! Yum Yum! Nice post OzMade.... I've never seen a 5/8 socket used before... might have to try that one out, cheers!


I wish i could find a 3L coke bottle, Mr Nice Guy... haven't seen one in ages... the biggest I've tried was one of the big aqua vital bottles they use in those office water thinghys... hehe... pretty damn hard to hit the whole thing in one go I must say... ;)...


IMO, buckets get you *baked* - although, some of my smokin' buddies don't like the 'harsh' hit of this method, so here is a slight variation that makes your bucket 'hella smooth' ;)


+The Bucket Bubbler+


Same ingredients as OzMade used, except you need a bottle cap (just like the one off the top of the 2L coke bottle), a long metal stem pipe with matching collar and cone piece. The stem should be about 5cm or so shorter than you 2L bottle (when cut).


Now, tricky part... Get your knife and put a *small* hole in the top of the bottle cap. The trick is to make the hole slightly smaller than the collar piece you have. You need to force the collar piece into this hole so it should snap in tight, with the little ridges on the top and bottom of the collar above and below the bottle cap respectively... This can sometimes prove difficult and i've seen people use Blu-Tac to seal around the top of the collar if it is not air-tight... Now you can simply screw your cone piece and stem into the collar.


To Use:


Setup your bucket of water, bath-tub, gentle flowing stream, hole in sand on beach near waters edge (my fav), etc... and then pack your cone piece with some of that sticky-purple-punch...yum.... place your 2L bottle into your chosen water source.... then screw on the bottle cap...


(!Warning! - You must put the 2L in the water before screwing on the cap.... I've seen too much MJ fly out of the cone piece into the drink when somebody screwed the cap on first... ;) )


To pull a bubbler, pull the 2L bottle up carefully till the bottom of your stem is just above the water level in your bucket. This is the point where it should start pulling and bubbling like a billy... Now simply spark up that cone and hold the 2L steady as the water level inside drops, and the beautiful bubbles rise and *pop* their smoky contents inside your bottle.


This takes a little practice to get it perfect, and slightly raising or lowering the bottle will increase/decrease the rate of pull. Slower makes a nice full cream bucket as OzMade stated. I personally put my lighter just a little above the cone as I pull the bottle up to the point where it bubbles. This helps to heat the cone a little so when it starts bubbling, you can quickly get a nice red cherry on top and watch that bucket cream! ;)


When it has finished pulling, be careful not to pull the bottle out of the water, then unscrew the cap and inhale!


A tip for those that hate getting a little bucket water in their mouth when inhaling - Float a ping-pong ball on the water and put your bottle over the top it before pulling your next bucket. When you inhale, it should block the neck of the bottle just before you reach the water level.


Hope that puts a smile on your dial! (or spins it round... )


Take it easy all,




(A pic of my bubbler is attached)


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