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Hey Stoners,


I love to bake and Canna- butter is one of my favourite ingredients.. Once it's made, it can be used in any recipe that uses butter..


Personally...I don't think there's anything better than some home made Chocolate Canna-butter baked goodies :rolleyes:


If you don't have patience, then this recipe isn't for you as it takes approximately 6-8hrs of cooking time.. It's a great way to spend a lazy weekend.. :bongon: and :chef:


I cook mine for 8hrs



So here is my tried and true method for making Canna-butter.. I think it's probably the one most widely used by Canna-butter makers..


It WAS NOT created by me...

I've just added some pics to a common recipe to show step by step what your butter should look like as you go..


What you will need..


1. An 8ltr Heavy based pot.

2. A skimmer (it's like a flat spoon with mesh as the scoop)

3. An 8ltr capacity bowl

4. A collandar

5. A large clean chux or similar cloth

5. A small bowl

6. A fork



Remember: The quality of cannbis used will affect the quality of butter


1. I used 2oz of freshly harvested popcorn, small buds, leaf and trim

2. 500g good quality butter.. (It will have more fat so it will

withstand the slow cooking better than one with a higher water content.

Salted or not is a personal choice)..


What do do..


1. Soak the cannabis in luke warm water for 5 minutes.

Pour it in to the collander and repeat the process 2 more times.


2. Put the cannbis in your big pot and fill it nearly to the top with water


3. Gently bring it to the boil and then turn down to a slow simmer.


4. Add your butter and gently stir through.


5. Make sure your heat is very low and is just simmering.


6. Check to see that water level is maintained. If it needs more than one top-up it is cooking too fast.. You don't want all that goodness evaporating.

And only stir every hour or so


7. After 8 hrs you can see the cannabis matter looks like over cooked spinach and the fat of the butter should is visible.




8. Put the big bowl in the sink


9. Put cloth in the collandar and place this over the bowl, then pour the contents of the pot into it.


10. Wrap up the cannabis in the cloth and squeeze every last drop of moisture out.




11. Throw the cloth and contents out


12. Put the bowl in the fridge for about 4 hours.


13. You will then see how the butter has risen to the top of the bowl and is set.


post-40964-0-90575200-1306284087_thumb.jpg post-40964-0-47512600-1306284125_thumb.jpg


14. Skim the butter off the top in to the small bowl, it should come off in big pieces if it's set properly.


15. Stir it with a fork. You will see there is still moisture in there so just slowly tip it out over the sink.


post-40964-0-67918500-1306284164_thumb.jpg post-40964-0-51449300-1306284204_thumb.jpg


Only the water will run out. You may have to do this a couple of times., Then cover with gladwrap and put it in the fridge..

I took mine out after an hour and repeated the process




The butter will be ready to use after about 3hrs,


post-40964-0-51278600-1306284292_thumb.jpg post-40964-0-65223600-1306284332_thumb.jpg


but after 24hrs post-40964-0-87701100-1306284048_thumb.jpg is even better.:freak:


I don't recommend keeping it longer than a couple of weeks.. I recommend using it ASAP especially for a good night's sleep :lazy:



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good recipe Dani, It's very similar to the one I use. I especially like the idea of straining the mix through cheese cloth, I always had to scrape the spent gear off the bottom of the butter...


The only thing I would do differently is instead of just rinsing the gear in luke warm water I simmer it for a while in water then strain all that water out and then give a rinse.. By doing this you get rid of more of that green colour and taste.... Boling it in water first doesn't appear to reduce the THC levels of the finished product, which was my worry when I first tried this method..

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Brimstond, THC isn't activated until well past water boiling point, around 190C or something close to that. I've used a pressure cooker before, set it for 8 hours, but didn't add the butter until the end. That way, the butter retains it's taste, and all the THC is absorbed into the butter pretty quick.
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