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Okay I've bought my stuff

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I went to the garden center yesterday and I bought a 5kg bag of dynamic lifter, a 10kg bag of blood and bone and 4 25lt bags of potting mix. The potting mix was a bit expensive at $5.90 a bag, but it was really good quality stuff. I've got some big straw bales at home and some sheep shit that have been sitting around for about 2 years now and I was thinking that I could mix them together in the compost tumbler. What do you guys think? In what way should I use this stuff?




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get some large pots--i use bathtubs!.


place the hay and sheepshit in the bottom with gravel and fill the top with a mix of potting mix and sand.


potting mixes are designed for plants that requier constantly moist soils. gundja likes drainage. dont waste money on expencive potting mix.


use the dynamic lifter constntly thru the grow and bud phaze[be careful not to burn the plant], use a chemical fert too. Urea for grew faze, potash for bud phaze... or whatever


but dope is easy to grow--experement, workout whats best for your area[soil conditions, climate, et al].

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Guest Wilderbud

2 year old sheep shit huh - pretty crappy if you ask me but Im no scientist


Yeah throw the sheep shit and straw into a composter but wait till its full before you start the compost. See if you can get more manure and vegies to add to it to get a good mix - I dont know what ratio of browns to greens but you can look that up in a composting book.


If I was you Id just spend $20 on some peat moss [bigW sells a huge block which probably makes 100L] so you can plant this week. Fertilize when the plant when growth slows and add some bloomer [potash] later on.


NB. I put a link to an 'Organix soil mix' page under the outdoor grow thread I think - the thread is called 'Mixing your own'. That site probably has some composting info also so have a look.


UGH this post is a bit late Id say... Anyway. :D

Edited by Wilderbud
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