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bit of a porb

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hey im a n00b so please bear with me =)


ok i planted a bout 12 seeds (outside) a few months a go, and since then the weather has been shit and there has basicly been no sunny days and i think my plants are feeling it most have died except bout 3.


but those 3 now are starting to die on the ends of the leaves


wot shood i do leave them outside in the rain, or put in my bedroom in a cubord with a light.?


- they are a few inches tall with only two leaves

- they have mixture of sheep/cow/etc manure on them



please can anyone help that would be apreciated

please dont take the piss, cause i dont know anything cause i know i dont =/


thanks! :unsure:

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Just having a guestimate with your problem, cow manure tends to give young seedlings nitrogen burn which can be seen at the tip of the leaves, or excessive rain can have them water logged.

Transplanting them to inside would probably be the best option but this can also cause transplant shock which would retard their growth for a couple of weeks. Transplanting an already sick plant can be hazardous but by the sounds of it you dont have much choice.

Good luck.

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I would cut the neck off soft drink bottles and place over the top to try and give a greenhouse effect until the weather warms up abit and the plants take off. If this dosent work i would just rip them out of the ground and start again but with no manures or fertilizers. I dont normally fert or use manures until i top the plants and they start to take off again.

Cheers :unsure:

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