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Heads gone from seedlings

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I just put some newly sprouted seedlings under plastic the other day. To my horror I returned to them and half of them were missing their heads. Have I had insect problems, or do you reckon some prick has seen them and decided to half my grow? I can't imagine that they were found, so my suspicion is on the bugs. It couldn't have been birds because they wouldn't have been able to get in. What should I do to stop it happening again?
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I don't know what u meam by "under plastic", but if you're talking about birds, then you must ,I assume have them outside.


Mice will, and even more so, possums eat your plants.


I had this problem once, so I got a large cocatoo cage, and kept the seedlings in that. If u suspect mice, wrap a finer mesh wire around the cage.


If you are still unsure, put some snail pellets on a bottle lid and put it near your seedlings. They'll gravitate toward the poison, as it seems to have some kind of attractant. There's "greener" methods of killing snails too. If you're intersted, just take a poke around the net.


Good luck



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