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co2 for real?


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Guest Field_of_Light

Thats a heaps hard one to answer...


I used co2 myself and didnt really notice much of a difference except during the growing stage...I didnt complete the flowering as it was someone elses gear and they took it back..




Back in the old days a freinds freind grew a 12 lb crop with co2...and as he liked experimenting he tried the next one without co2...same yield give or take 4 oz...


Some say yes..some say no....

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For a newbie or even gifted amatuer grower, I think it's a waste of time and money, but as a professional additive used in greenhouses and larger scale growing it could be useful in boosting yeilds and shortening turnaround.... never met anyone who actually has a setup in working order, and almost all those I know who've used it say it was a waste of time.


But hey, give it a go, you could get good results... just passing on what I know. Hope it helps... :D :)

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co2 will give you better yeild in shorter time but......


you have to know what you are doing to get the benefit.


Check list for co2 use:-


1)increased nutrient CF (up to 3.5, depending on the strain)

2)air cooled lights to control room temp as you only vent every hour for 10mins.

3)Carefull watch on humidity (install a de-humidifier if required) as mold can become a problem not venting all the time.

4)Good air cirulation in room, as co2 sits on the floor.

5)For ease of use a "compugas" Co2 controler, which includes a computer control box and regulator/with solinoid for use on CO2 gas bottle and a optical cable so it only injects when lights are on. The box controls the solinoid and exhaust fan, just type in the size of room and ppm and it does the rest. (cost about $650)



The final yeild can be increased about 30% when done correctly, if you are contemplating useing co2 know your shit first - then install a co2 system.

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nah its not $2000 to run co2.


the environment controller costs about 3-400, tanks cost like 120, dunno about filling, solenoid and stuff costs about $500.


Usually kept at 2000ppm, normal air is around 360ppm higher in cities.


I tried CO2 once, with a thing called an Electro-CO2, I got a huge yield improvement but I think it was pure fluke, But I lost alot of that yield due to mould from lack of ventilation, I never was able to find the shit to refill it again. :angry:

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