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Hi all,

just to let yas know as I have been getting quite a few requests to supply clones.

I am not set up or proficient enough to enter into this, I was previously helping out "stonedas" by acting as MM while he was offline and out of town but I believe he has now returned.


Sorry guys but I just not happy to risk myself and yours via the post.

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hey all,

Due to current conditions that are beyond my control, SPC wont be taking any new orders for now atleast.. There will hopefully be a range of clones available around xmas/new years thou... To all that want to get in contact easiest is to pm me here maybe a week to reply.....Thanks to rodwal and all other members that have helped to make it possible for us all to have consistent quality home harvests....stonedas

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I was thinking about starting up a clone business in a few months when the crop starts showing sex...only problem being is the startup cost involved because im only on the dole + i would need more strains. Although if i had quite a bit of interest and i had the startup $$$ i think i would definatly do it...so far i have these strains for this season and all will be cloned but im not sure on how many clones of each will be taken...



kali mist

white russian

Duck's Offspring


mango x skunk

Magic Crystal Tall Version

Magic Crystal Short Version

Snow Queen

2 types of newcatle sativa (1s more potent but the other chops out to be 3x as fluffy)


if any seeds are found the will be donated to TY and any medical patients that request clones would get them for the cost of postage and would need to send a copy of their medical certificate ofcourse :rolleyes:


i have been thinking that 5 clones for $100 seems pretty reasonable so if any1 is interested email me at wantdachonic@hotmail.com or PM me...if i get 10 or more people that want to buy 5 or more clones it will definatly happen...

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Hey all, well how do i start this here goes, i think we need a another place in Oz to get good clones (i dont mean to put stonedas down because he dose bloody good work with getting good clones out to ppl to keep us aussies growing good mull).wantdachronic has made the offer to start selling clones if he gets enough ppl wanting them as i would cost a little to setup, so i was thinking maybe there is a way we can help him out, i am only saying this because when stonedas is not doing clones there is no were eals in Oz to get clones and i think it is a shame.


I would like every ones feed back on this good or bad to see if we can get another place in Oz to get good clones.

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Planetskunk is floating the idea of an Australian clone bank in the new year... Check out the forums on Planetskunk.com for the actual thread...


I for one think this market is horribly underserviced, but you can understand why... anyone who does it by definition has to become a commercial cultivator, by law if not spirit. There aren't a huge amount of peeps willing to take that kind of risk, but I do feel that there will probably be more as time goes on... the internet is veeeery powerful in this regard. ;) :)


And yeah, if wantdachronic can show us some pics of the strains and sets himself up securely, then I'd probably go for it... It's up to him tho... :P

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