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Veg/Clone Box

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Just bought a digital camera the other month so I thought i'd put it to some use. :wacko:


Here is my grow box, which I use for veging clones, mother plants and seedlings. I have got two mothers Haze Special, Golden Skush and some Early Durban, Afghani #1 seedlings in there at the moment.



The box is 4' long 3' high and 1.3' deep it is on caster wheels so I can move it around. There are 4 36W 4' flouros providing the light, i use a combination of cool white and daylight tubes. There is 1 120mm inlet fan blowing 80cf/m in, while hot air is vented through piping out the bottom. Both the inlet and outlet are fitted with inbuilt light traps.


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Guest Wilderbud

Yes theyre Compton brand IIRC [i seen them at the Everton Park store today] - theyre equal to about 250W or something. I almost bought 4 of them [3 for mother & 1 for clone] but Ill wait till later - hehehe. :wacko:


I couldnt see any decent lightbulb holders there so does anyone know where to get good ones [with plug] from for about $10? I dont want to make my own if I can buy some.

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Yeah don't know guys.


Id need atleast 4-5 to cover the same area, I'm content with my 36W Sq/foot. The box is mostly used for clones, so this setup is good for clone trays.


Lot of a hassle for very little gain...and lets face it, it wouldnt looks as good.. :wacko:


Might see if I can get some 40W tubes though.

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