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euro bud

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lol hey all , my first grow is over and a big thanks to all who helped me . It was a bit of a shambles the whole way through but ended up we some decent smoke ... 2 oz gsx , 5oz blue marriage - dry bud and 6 oz of sweettooth still wet . thanks ppl, couldn't of done it without your help .

Anyways , started the euro bud off , cracked 3 seeds , got 2 seedlings up with 2 sets of leaves on . look like big sativa leaves , they are growing in searles and perlite under a 400 light , just wanted to know how to turn one of these suckers into my mom plant . my intentions are to clone 4 plants off the mom , then flower these , any advice would be real cool .

thanks everest . plus nxt pay donation is on the way :o

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If you use seperate growing chambers for your vegetative state and flowering state then put your mother into the vegetative room and continually clone her and prune her, and put her in larger pots as she needs it.


That's all you need to do, keeping a plant bonsai for the sake of cloning has its down falls. In the event you need a lot of clones quickly, cloning off a bonsai would almost cause a fatality.

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You really need to restrict root growth, I would consider Bonsai (root trimming) at a later date when it is really necessary.


If you wan't a good mother your going to need lots of growing tips for fast regrowth this means tipping the plants. I would suggest using the FIM technique.


After the 3-4th set of leaves pinch/cut the grow tip.


But what is important is leaving just a small section of the grow tip attached to the plant.


This will cause as many as 6 (typically 4-5) grow tips to sprout from this 1 node. This will also keep height down.


You can even train these new stems to radiate out from the centre of the plant like the spokes on a wheel, opening even more potential clones up for development.


You should find some more detailed posts about this technique.


all the best

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