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Guest weekprik
bud won't cure in the freezer anyway

got proof of that??, curing is just aging of the weed, so it makes no difference if its in a freezer or not as long as its taken out on a regualar basis and injected with co2.


please let us know why it wont cure in a freezer??


personally if your paranoid just bury it in your yard, or remove a brick from a wall and put it in that then replace the brick.

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I keep all mine in my fridge in glass sealed bottles, I have read a freezer is good but Im too wussy to try it incase my buds dont like it.


Surely the fact that their is no air will stop aging anyways??


I have read that a frost free fridge is the best place to dry and cure, as it works by keeping the fridge air dry.

anyone seen this before??

I've heard that fridsge curing is good, but firdges don't keep things dry, inside fridges humidity is actually high, thats why its particularly important to get your buds aritight if in a fridge otherwise they will mould up.


In terms of freezing, yeah what someone else said, if something is frozen it won't age and cure. so thats not curing, thats storing. but nothing wrong with storing in the freezer, lots of people do it.

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when you take those buds out of the freezer they are gonna get real dry and harsh real quickly as the moisture will be drawn out of them from the insides.


The same with keeping buds in the fridge, it is a good method for keeping bud from deteriorating but you cant leave that mix in the bowl for to long or it will dry out and go brittle.


being an indoor grower there is no point in doing that either as you get fresh buds to smoke every 3 months. Keep your buds somewhere well insulated with an even temperature at all times. Keep your glass jars inside something else as glass is very bad insulator.

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