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Guest Wilderbud

Auto/Self-propagating plant is my guess.


Now for another question about them; does this mean there will be less hemmies and more male OR females produced (or the opposite way of course)?


Im curious to know if the tendency to be a hemmie is natural in cannabis or induced by sudden change. :)

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Hi Wilderbud,


Wild cannabis is not really considred marijuana, but merely cannabis, and I believe it is mostly hermaphrodite. Maybe not in some parts of the world but certainly wild cannabis from equatorial areas is. Most cultivated SE asian cannabis is hermy even.


Anyway, marijuana is something created by man through selective breeding. Many cultures such as the afghani/paki's or indian's have been selecting their strains for 100's even 1000's of years. I'm sure you can get stoned from wild cannabis strains, There was a wild crop in Australia for almost 200years of indian cannabis which was supposedbly a great smoke. But generally, if you get seeds and let em go wild in the bush, eventually you will end up with hermy non potent cannabis. Maybe there are parts of the world where this is not true, and the herminess of most wild cannabis is due to inadequate environmental conditions. I cant say I know really.


I'd reckon that 95% of wild cannabis is hermy, but in the ideal stress free conditions cannabis would be male and female.

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