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Growing in soil is slower than growing in a hydro system, but some say buds grown in organic soil mixes taste better than hydro buds.


Growing in soil involves little more than a decent sized pot with drainage holes and a saucer, say 300mm, filling with your potting mix of choice and watering as required.


MJ plants like an airy, well draining soil. For this reason perlite or something similar is often added to potting mix to make it "lighter".


Generally plants in soil require watering every 2-3 days. A rough guide is to wait till the top inch of soil drys out before watering again. When watering give them water until it starts to come out the drain holes. If water pools in the saucers its probably a good idea to empty them.


Nutes is something that depends on your soil mix. A rich soil mix may require minimal or no nutes, but MJ plants are heavy feeders so generally nutes are required to give the best results. This is something that is learnt with experience. When you know the specifics of what you are doing post a question in the growing forums and someone will help you out. For best results you should look at using nutes high in nitrogen for veg and bloom booster type nutes for flower.


The target PH range for soil is 6.3 to 6.8, so try to get a potting mix in this range if possible. Before watering, its important to let your water sit for at least 24hours and preferably 48 hours to allow the chlorine to evapourate out of it. Some can use aged water like this without a problem, while others find they need to lower PH before watering. It all depends.


Prior to harvest flush with plain PH adjusted water (no nutes) for at least 2 weeks to get rid of any salt build up and chemical taste from nutes out of your buds.


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