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To make seed is easy, you just pollinate your best female with your best male. However the seeds you make will not necessarily produce the same quality of plants as your originals. It may be better, it may be worse, just pot luck, so to speak. Do not confuse making seed with breeding. Breeding a strain requires multiple generations and selecting parents from a large number of plants from each generation. Making seed for the home grower is only good if you want to give seeds to mates or have some spare if your clones/mothers die for some reason. But really, just cloning from your best female and keeping as a mother plant is the best and easiest way to go for the home grower.


Its best to try to pollinate your females early on in flower so seeds have enough time to mature properly. You can keep your male in a separate area, collect pollen, and pollinate one bud only of a female. This way you can get some seed while your crop mostly still grows good bud. Pollinating just one bud can produce hundreds of seeds.


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