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Guest Wilderbud

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Guest Wilderbud

Butterscotch sauce on cake.



10 Minutes - served hot.



1 Madeira cake.

125g Canna butter.

150g Soft brown suger.

125ml Double whipped cream.



Slice the bottom half off of the madeira cake and place the top part, cut into 4"x4" squares in a moderate oven for 5 minutes.

Place the butter, sugar and cream into a small saucepan and heat gently while stirring slowly until melted.

Remove Mads from the oven and place each piece on saucers then slowly pour your melted Sticky over each piece.


Serving suggestions:

Serve with ginger beer to bring out the flavour of the Sticky.


Enjoy the Mad Stickies!!!


;) ;) :rolleyes:

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Guest Wilderbud

OK Id never made any of this caramel sauce before writing this thread but I made some a few weeks ago [sorry no pics - I dont think anyone wanted to see my hot sauce poured over cheesecake anyway *melted mess* - gotta be stoned to think thats a nice mix but I wolfed it down anyway *it was so good I finished it in about 2 seconds, licked the bowl like I was on heat then laid back and thought 'damn that was good'*]. Its unbelievably tasty - you can definately taste the cannabis in the recipe and I highly [no pun] recommend it.


Just a little tip before you start the cooking - add the butter after youve melted the sugar as it does take some heat to melt it - hopefully this doesnt make a mess but Im fairly sure itll be OK.


Also, if you dont have any cake or muffins you can always roll some buds in the hot sauce and impress people with the unbelievably nice taste. If you can dehydrate the bud before doing it youll have a super potent sweet to impress any cannabis lover [i guarantee it].


Go mad and get sticky!


PS. Its reallllllllllly yummy - I savour the taste - dont miss out and dont burn it [i didnt of course but I know what stoners are like]!


ALSO A BIG TIP ON THE BUTTER ASPECT... When youve cooled the butter in the fridge and are ready to remove it - heat a knife up under a hot tap and run it around the edge of the butter first - dont stab the butter like I did - I ended up with water/butter all over me and lost half of it on a towel! You had to be there haha!

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Guest Wilderbud
Another thing - if you have no cream just add about 5 tablespoons of milk instead like I did - it doesnt go superhard but it does go gooey. I think you just leave the cream or milk out to make a hard mix good enough to caramelize properly with - can anyone verify this?
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