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Which clone?

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Hey guys i was considering buying some clones from SPC and had a look at there list of stuff. out of these






Red devil

Red Hair Skunk

Sweet Tooth #3

White Rhino


Other strains that are being trialled currently



Spc indica

Sweet Widow


Which are good and who has tried what?? :rolleyes:

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Guest Field_of_Light

dude there all good...thats why spc has em!


You didnt state what sort of setup you will have them under sog, scrog, other...


SOme varieties will do better in sog situations etc....


Some are low yielders but have extremely high smoke quality, some are massive yielders with average quality...and some inbetween...

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What sort of smoke do u like?


Ak99 - have a real nice up high that is a bit trippy with a bit of body stone

Afgani #1 - Is a mainly Indica strain i think so it would be more bodystone

Misty - Is ment to be a pretty low yielder but is very good smoke that smells or tastes like musk lifesavers... (pretty sure stonedas told me that)

Headstone looks like a good strain not to sure about the details but if u see some bud shots of it :rolleyes:



Im wanto get some Blueberry and Headstone of StonedAs sometime pretty soon hopefully he will be around... ;)


Does anyone know about the Red Devil and the Exodus?


Also im pretty sure StonedAs has a heap different strains now that is a pretty old strain list i think....


Im ment to be getting a list of all his clones availble sometime.... so ill post it here


anyway enuff stoned blabbering bye

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Guest Urbanhog
I believe SPC is no longer open, they have joined up with Rodwal's and if you want clones, contact Rodwal thru his PM/profile here... and he will help you out either clones or seeds, he's a great man.
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hey all,

Alot of problems have arisen but i am trying to work around them.... the strain list is to be reworked, current strains but availablity is low on most types...




Big Bud

Black Bubble



G13 Hashplant male/female

Great White Shark




Red Devil

Red Hair Skunk



SPC Indica

Sweet Tooth #3

White Rhino


Some newer strains im looking into





Jack Herer


Super Skunk


New seedlines to be grown out


Blue Goo

Big White Mr Nice

Bubblegum f2

Dark Widow

Hindu Kush

Hindu kush x bronzewhaler

NL#5 x Shiva x Ice

Oaxacan Sativa

Perivian Sativa

Super Silver Haze

Swt#3x Bubble gum

Swt#3 x G13

White Widow

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Hey StonedAs i just email that auseeds@zi.... Wish I read this thread first :rolleyes:....


Should I just PM rodwal to order or email u?


Is there a place we can get the details about your strains? Would be nice to know the breeder or atleast flowering times ;)


If you pass the details on to me I could make up a litlte website for it..... Must get annoying for you when people asking you the same questions all the time ;)


I think im gonna get the Shiskeberry after reading about it at cannagenetics


I wouldn't mind Blueberry, Blue Goo, Mango and prob a few others when they are availible



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