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most stupid question ever ?

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im sorry if this is in the wrong section but this may sound like very stupid questions but i left school about 9 years ago so my maths is very rusty ....


how many grams = 1 ounce ?

and how many grams = 1 pound ?


i always see some seedbanks saying a certain amount of grams a plant 'should' produce but i have no idea how much that would be but i can kinda remember the size of an ounce ;)


thnx :rolleyes:

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Guest weekprik



1 ounce =28.350 grams


2 ounces=56.699 grams


3 ounces=85.049 grams


4 ounces=113.398grams


5 ounces=141.748grams


6 ounces=170.097grams


7 ounces=198.447grams


8 ounces=226.796grams


9 ounces=255.146grams





1 gram =0.035oz


2 grams=0.071oz


3 grams=0.106oz


4 grams=0.141oz


5 grams=0.176oz


6 grams=0.212oz


7 grams=0.247oz


8 grams=0.282oz


9 grams=0.317oz





1 pound =0.454kg


2 pounds=0.907kg


3 pounds=1.361kg


4 pounds=1.814kg


5 pounds=2.268kg


6 pounds=2.722kg


7 pounds=3.175kg


8 pounds=3.629kg


9 pounds=4.082kg





1 kg=2.205 pounds


2 kg=4.409 pounds


3 kg=6.614 pounds


4 kg=8.819 pounds


5 kg=11.023pounds


6 kg=13.226pounds


7 kg=15.432pounds


8 kg=17.637pounds


9 kg=19.842pounds

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hey kids,


it may say on your school text book that an ounce is 28 point something grams, but thats not true.


A fruity metre is almost a metre and a half long you know.


An ounce is 30grams, and a pound is 16ounces. which means weekprik's pound is 454grams and mine is 480grams. Thats just the way it is and has been, maybe that shits dissolved out in the cities, but in northern NSW a pound has never meant a pound.

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