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Homemade Bongs,

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Well i usually smoke out of a glas i bought from off ya tree but when im out and about and i want a quick couple cones with my mates what is the best bottle to use and should i use hose or what because ive been using plain old powerade bottle, burnt a hole pushed the hose in and burned a shotty and bobs your uncle but i want to know if yous have any good ideas for a good, quick disposable :)



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All I use at the moment is my homemade gatorade billy. Bought a cone piece and stem then just burnt a hole a tiny bit smaller than the stem, then while it's still hot i push the stem through hard so the hole is air tight and then the plastic cools down making it extra air tight =D Badabing bada boom. As far as burning plastic thing goes I know that shit is really bad but I'm under the presumption that with a metal cone piece and stem it's alright. Dw I don't use aluminum cans or foil coin pieces!!
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While breathing in fumes from melted plastic bottles is harmful...


Once the plastic cools back down, theres no fumes or smoke from the plastic...


Just give it a good blow of air and rinse out while your adding the water. Breathing thru a cooled plastic bottle cant be any worse than drinking a semi-corrissive liquid (coke) out of the same vessle imo...


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Mate, I can't caution you enough. Making bongs like that is bloody dangerous, the harsh plastic fumes will fuck you up.


I used to do the same thing until someone told me how stupid it was.


Buy yourself a pipe or some joint papers :thumbsup:


Aaron :peace:


Well...I used to do this all the time...but no more! cheers for the advice, didn't realise how stupid it is.

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punch some holes in a can, turn a toilet roll into a pipe; put a hole in it, make a cone out of alfoil, put one hand over the


end and smoke it, make a pipe out of a matchbox; take out the bit with the matches, make a hole in the top put a cone in it


and smoke it,use an apple corer to take the middle out of a carrot, make it into a pipe and smoke it... BUY A PIPE and smoke



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