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Hi people hows it goin?


Anyway today i went to the hydrostore and he was a really nice guy but he told me that it is a wate of time to grow with a 150W HPS. He said they yeild would be very poor. I only want to grow 2-3 plants and have a yield of about 2-3 ounces. That would last me a long time.


So has anyone flowered with a 150W HPS and got good results?

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A 150w is a bit low for 3 plants unless you intend to keep them very short. The best way to determine the floor space of the grow room, you multiply the length by the width (in feet) and then multiply the square feet by 50w to get the required wattage eg, if your grow space is 2 ft long x 4ft wide you have 8 sq ft, 8 x 50w = 400w. I picked the 4 ft x 2 ft dimensions as that is the space (with 6 ft high) you should look at to grow 3 well bushed plants.


Try checking some industrial/commercial lighting suppliers, the Yellow Pages can help.



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As Tom said with a 150 you would want to keep the plant height low and the light close to the plants, because the light isnt going to be able to penetrate very far into the foilage, perhaps a scrog or sog grow could work well... but once again it comes down to floor space, and also general growing experience...


if you want any extra info of these paticular growing methods just ask, should be able to dig something up

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