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I need to move male.

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I've just found a boy in my room, Puts me down to 2 girls.

I want to move the male to collect some pollen. He is under a 400w hps, Can i move him to under a cf to continue flowering without causing to much probs to him.

I know the boys dont need much light to survive but, Will going straight from 400w to 20-40w be a prob.


I've also read to mix the pollen with flour before storing, Is the flour needed?, I tried the oven sterilizing and ended up with burnt, Black flour and a smokey house.

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i just moved a few boys from my room with 1600 w hps into a box with a 4 ft cf in it and all are doing fine ready to be turned ,so im sure you will be fine ,the only thing realy is that it may streach a bit and any new pollen sacks that develope may not be as large as the 400w hps would grow.

using flour gives you a more even spread when pollenating and somthing else i cant remember im sure theres someone else around thats a bit more confident to answer that one.happy herb.

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