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Australian Seed Company

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Guest Field_of_Light

Id have to say yes its legit....they had been trying to get an aussie seller for a few years....


I dont know about aussie genetics tho....I dont think there were originally any native australian strains...just oz acclimatised, bred, hybridised and now considered aussie strains....


There are a few OZ breeders out there...making their own hybrids so they are well worth watching out for....with strains the envy of the world....imo


The NImbin cup is real....Im not sure if they entered or not...but a bit of research and u should be able to find the info

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You mentioned Marc Emery, I've heard alot about this guy, mostly people saying bad shit about him.


'They' say he's a piss poor seed seller who rarely comes through and when he does, the seeds are quite the crap ones anyways.


I don't know if this is true or not ... but this is the general impression I've gotten from various reading this year. I'd be inclined to think that any Aussie venture on his behalf would reflect his usual standard of service.

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Guest Field_of_Light

Bubba...a quick rundown on marc emery....


Hes a profiteer when it comes to seeds. You can order one strain and be sent seeds from 3 or 4 others..they dont care...they dont have follow up service....I wish I could remember the link to the page where random packs of seeds were purchased from him...i think 1 in 10 were the actual seeds requested, also for some reason he sells a lot of hermies....


Ive bought of him twice...there is no problem getting the seeds...its just a problem actually knowing whether they are the ones u ordered or their own little crosses which are hermies....


I ordered blueberry.....2/10 germed 50$ wasted

I ordered GWS............hermies, males, and shit...not bad ofr 180$ eh

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So what you are saying is.

They are real strains bread in Oz, but odds are you won't get them...right.


I just won't purchase them then, the reason I asked is I live in Vancouver, Canada and he is now selling seeds direct to the public from his shop. I figured I take advantage of this service befor the cops shut it down.


I will just wait until KOG is ready and get some Oz genetic's from him.



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There is alot of other aussie breeders out there, most of them work with the dutch strains though.


Australians are the greatest when it comes to breeding pot, firstly Neville Schoenbottom, he bred Northern Lights amongst others, and Shantibaba who runs Mr Nice seedbank was an aussie too. He bred White Widow and others.


Anyhoo, for breeders in Aus check out Rodwals site. I dunno the address.


or the Seeds from the igloo and the Ducksfoot at canna genetics


KOG only sells one aussie variety, Old Mother Sativa. And usually some great white shark F2 or something similar. Usually anyways, I dunno about next year.


At Seedsdirect there used to be Madman genetics or something like that, that had Mullummadman's Mullumbimby Madness, and some others, elephant killer I believe.


As for Bushman, its a fine smoke, won the cup a few years ago I believe. I smoked a bit up there. The seeds have been inbred in Canada or the US by a company called Irish Rose or something like that. Its definetly some kind of blueberry hybrid. They mighta fucked with it, I smoked the real thing.


I dunno, I think the Emery store should have it. Them Super skunk crosses sound pretty boring.

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