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seedy bud

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:D hi ppl , got 3 plants that have developed seeds in the bud ............. wot caused this ? wot turned em seedy ? or is it just from the original seed? all 3 plants are the same sort and have got about a month to go , any help on this would be great ................. i pulled a couple of the buds off , quick dried it on the plate / saucer method and tried it in a joint .... it nailed me , it's real potent . But wot i'm real worried about is will these 3 plants effect the other 7 plants in the same growroom .???? ta everest
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Guest Urbanhog
got a male plant there? got a hermie? maybe couple of tiny male flowers you didnt even notice? anyone growing near around you? maybe someone had a male plant, because male pollens can travel for miles. Have you visited someone's garden, and they got hermies/males or did you invite anyone to check your plants that they have males/hermies? I mean the male pollen can get on clothes and it can pass on, or a insect found a male pollen in someone's garden, and checked out your sluts and seeded them?
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my gf is sitting here demanding that i object to your use of the term sluts, she reckons they should get the respect they deserve and be called ladies. :D

I dont always give into her demands except when she blackmails me that she will be a 'lady' for me only if i do what she wants :D

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