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Diseased plant?

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Hey guys,


Ok, quick question.

I got 7 plants growing GREAT there about 7 inches now, my biggest plant started to yellow at the leaves and then leaves started curling for no obvious reason, then after 3 days all new growth is limp, The plant stem is great and great roots, It was the biggest plant so i thought i was getting burnt from the light, but its not that.

I thought maybe its overfed, but all the other plants are doing great, I have been feeding the plant straight water and that has stopped the yellowing but the plant is still sickly limpy looking. I think it may have a disease, So i seperated it from my good plants.


What do you think it is, I wont have a digital camera for 2 wks so i have to describe evrything damn it.

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Hey Tom,

The sick plant was with some others in net pots filled with hydroton in a tryay filled with a little nutrieunts around the roots.

I just got a digital camera so i took some tester shots today the lights are off now so I cant take better ones. Heres a pic of the sick plant in my aerosytem now by itself ,I moved it there 2days ago, and a few pics of the good onesheres to show a difference.

Ill try to get a better detailed pic next light.



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I now some people tend to not include all the info so im trying to tell you everything so you can help better. The healthy plants in tray are in distilled water 5ppm with 695ppm nutrient, ph 6.0-6.3 i try to keep at 5.8., They look fine but the sick one isnt getting any better although the roots are slowly growing now that i moved it to the aero system, I washed the sick plant with water from top with water for 2 days then i put it in a 600ppm solution with 290ppm tap water. Hot Air is vented, air is circulated, and i have an A/C vent in the room which supplys new air.

Temp in room is 86deg max 77min.

Since i have the sick plant seperated, I hope to save it, I have it under a 400wat Mh Agrosun light is 2 ft away from plant top.

Also plants are 25 days from seed germ.

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I have seen worse looking plants than the sick one, are they all the same strain? Did you start from seeds or clones? Have you checked for pests? A magnifying glass is useful when checking.



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What? How come it is so droopy and light green, The pics with plants in tray are healthy ones, They are either Ak47 or KaliMist.

The one i am refuring to as sick, Its because i looked very dark green with all leaves pointed up with thick color now That plant is looking light green with uneven yellow, Its not too bad now but it looked worse, I have had the grow area for only a month and I have seen 0 bugs, I dont even have any in my apartment, I stearlize all tools as much as possible.


You guys think the other plants look good,


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