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How do i rebuild a flouro fixture?.

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I've got an old 4 foot flouro fixture that was found in a closet in an old rental house. Its an old one that weighs a ton. I want to shorten it to a 2 footer but aint sure about internals. This one has a big heavy ballast type thing that i aint seen in other flouros.

So now i'm just wondering if anyone has any knowlege of flouro fixtures or can point me in the direction of some pics it would be much appreciated.

I think all i need is a basic wiring knowledge to see if i need this big heavy black box.

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It would be an old 40 watt fitting, hence 40watt ballast, cant use with 18 or 20 watt (2 foot) tubes. (probally fucked and dangerous) :o


spend $20 and buy a twin 18watt fittting, pm me an Ill tell ya how to connect it



hope this helps, but dont play with old fittings, your input here is to valuable :o



cheers an cones Mozz :D

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agree with mozz.

dont fuck with that old crap, not worth getting zapped over.

Bunnings have twin 18watt fixtures for round $25. :o


Mozz I have a question for ya. Any way you can link multple cords to the one outlet ? I have 7 fixtures with 7 cords , surely theres a better way. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Fluros ROCK....



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7x plug-tops (male) and 1x 8gang powerboard from any electrical wholesaler or maybe Bunnings for about $20.



cheers an cones Mozz :o


p.s. are you using tri-phospor tubes ($3 ea)

an yes fluros can do the job, but I prefer my 600w hps, buds like possum tails, brushed tailed that is. :o

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