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How fragile are roots?

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Hey guys,


I have 7 plants in a tray filled with nutrients, they are the seed survivors.

I am going to gender ID the plants then put them in a Aeroponic system.

Since im using aeroponics, im using net pots. Well to get to the question, Almost all the plants are like 4 or 5 in tall, Well they alredy have roots growing out of the botom of the 3inch net pots (only been planted for 13 days. I wanted to know if i could damage the roots by moving the net pots. The tray isnt complety flat on the bottom it has litlle canal thingys at the bottom.




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Also, how long can plants be grown in the tray method used for germ, using a bubbler with air rock, 175 watt mh halide light.

I have never germinated seeds this way, can the roots just be laying in the nutrients, Is the bubbler enough to give the plants oxygen???

Thanks, these are just a few concerns of mine, Can anyone put them to rest?

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as long as you're gentle the roots will be fine, you can move them around. Even if a few break off it won't worry the plant too much. For a couple of months I kept some mums in little 2 litre bubbling buckets, and every couple of weeks I'd cut huge chunks of the root mass off with scissors, as long as I pruned a similar amount of leaves the plant was fine. MJ plants can take a helluva lot of abuse, you need to do something drastic to kill them.


Yeah roots sitting in a bubbling nute solution are fine. Its good to get a few inches of of roots hanging in air above the water level though. I'm not sure the tray you're talking about but if the roots haven't got much room the plant will grow real slow, and you'll need to prune both leaves and roots regularly. They could be left in there indefinitely I guess. I kept some little plants in my aero cloner for over a month this way.

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Thanks Pipeman,


Man i have never had plants grow this freakin fast, I LOVE IT.

Damn there is a HUGE difference between soil and hydro.

I think my plants are growing good, they dont seem to be growing slow,

The roots grew right to the water source, but I looked at the net pots closely and only tips are in water, there are roots not all the way in water, so i guess there getting plenty of oxygen. I went to work today and came back and all of my plants were about 1inch bigger, after 8hrs!!!!!


Cant wait to get a digital camera!!!!

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