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Hi all, just a quick question regarding seeds.


I am a first-time grower, and im growing from seeds collected from weed brought over the years.


My question is whether there will be much difference in quality as opposed to "name" strains purchased from seedbanks.


Should we keep using bagseed or go for the "White Widow"?


Are seeds purchased from seedbanks that much better than bagseed?

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mate the chances of you getting quality genetics when purchasing from a good seedbank is almost guaranteed. but with bag seed, who knows? You may get top quality genetics, you may not. Any of the high priced strains you see for sale at seedbanks are potentialy bagseed.


If money is tight I'd grow what you have, it may be the best smoke you've ever had and you're perfectly happy without spending money on seeds. If its a bit lacklustre in potency or yield maybe you want to consider purchasing some top shelf genetics. Personal choice mate. Grow the bagseed you got, you never know your luck, it might be White Widow anyway B)

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Yeah, like mick says, it depends on the bud. However, I think the general consensus will be that you're better of buying a good strain from a reputable seed bank. The thing about bagseed is that you never quite know what strain it was, not to mention what male was used to pollinate it, thus producing the seed. If the plants were supposed to be sinse, and you got a couple of seeds in it, then it may have hermied at one stage or another, which is a bad thing for you. Because hermie plants almost always produce hermie offspring. And even if you know that it was crossed with another plant, you have no idea how good the male pollen donor was, so you're sort of in the dark.... More than likely, bagseed will be okay, but not spectacular pot. And in my personal experience, I don't know what ratio others have gotten, but almost all my bagseed plants have been sativa dominant, which isn't that good for indoors. Particularly small scale indoors....


If price is a problem, then have a look at seeds direct or klozit king, (sorry to link off site... :P ) they have lots of good strains relatively cheap. Save up if you can, and buy some good genes. All you need from that pack of seeds is one good mother, and you've practically ensured your entire future supply.... (ain't cloning great? B) )


What particular characteristics are you after in a plant? Indoors? Out? Short, tall, couchlock stone, uplifting, sweet smell, so on and so on. There's a strain for almost any taste nowadays....


I hope that helps, and hasn't confused you more.... Talk to you soon mate! :D

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Guest Field_of_Light

As long as you steer clear of Marc emerys seed selling con then youll do fine....renowned for sending out wrong strains, mixing up seeds and not giving a fuck.....


Go to greenman seedbank update and check ons ome fo the seed comapnies there first...see which ones are rated badly.....


Im roughly guessing here but there are a shitload of seedbanks....of which Id guess about 15% get rated badly...dont put the effort into their product or are just two good ole boys mixing up their own concoctions...and trying to dick people for their money...which lets face it its a million dollar industry selling seeds and some people are getting rich...altho its generally not the people breeding the seeds....


If you can get good bagseed...then cool grow it..see how it goes....


But Im asking myself if the weed was that good in the first place...how come its got seeds in it?

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Cinderella 99 is bagseed, and all the old strains like haze and skunk are bagseed. I've never grown a good bagseed plant in my life though.


But other people have great luck with bagseed. Like nimer there.


If the buds are really nice grow em, Bagseed is the same as seedbanks, its just more of a lucky dip. If you grow bagseed you have a higher chance of bad hermies.

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