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Chev's set-up


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Hi All,

Had a nasty-ass dose of some flu going around, ended up with a kick-ass chest infection, no bongs 4 a week lol

Anyway, got my slack ass into gear today and took some more pics. so far I've topped them once, pruned like mad, supercropped(or tipped, whichever you prefer) to the hilt and tied them down. I'm waiting another week, maybe more, before I turn them. I'll see how quick they pick up. It's almost like every time I prune or tip, they thrive even more. Nice strong strain. Anyway, enjoy the pics. Feedback, feedback! lol


By the way, how are ya creative? You're a hard man to get hold of sometimes! hehe, been hiding away smokin' bongs haven't ya? :D


By the way, if anyone wants to email me:



I've also included pics of my lil' cloning corner. Gotta change lights to CF's.


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