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Took some clones from my plant which is approx 4-5 weeks into flower. No particular reason, just wanted to see if I could do it.


anyway the SPC clones came in these little black plastic things, so I cut up some rockwool, soaked it in PH5.5 water for about 10 minutes, dipped clones in clonex which had an expiry date of sometime last year and put in a plastic container with humidity dome under fluoros.


I've attached some pics, if my humidity dome setup is too high tech let me know and I can post additional explanation. lol


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hey pipeman


i have got a few clones in a simular set up to you

clones are about 2 inches


they are now 2 weeks old , no sign of any roots yet

i have them in a tray which i keep about quarter inch of water in

i have them about 2-3 ft from 400w

havent bothered with dome before

will let you know how they progress


i have some other clones i started in 4 inch pots

they now have roots comming out the bottom

these are about 8 inches tall ,not much growth in height

have been on 18/6 for 4 weeks

i need to put them in bigger pots tomorrow


good luck

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Guest Field_of_Light

I gotta admit that cloning gives me that proud greenthumb feeling....


I did it for years with no worries...never lost one until a summer back about 3 years ago...and then more recently I lost every single one...and then got myself back on track with some good advice from here and now Im the clone king......


I like the idea of manipulating nature for my own ends.....and staying fairly harmoniously balanced at the same time....

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Guest weekprik
i have them in a tray which i keep about quarter inch of water in


You should never have your cubes in water, otherwise the roots wont grow as they dont need too,

well they will grow but damn slowly,

It like staying in bed with ya bong besides the bed, You dont need to get out of bed to smoke so you dont, but if it were in another room you would be fast to get up and go to the next room,



Anyways I have used Dutch Master APS clone stuff, you soak the cubes for 24 hrs and then use it to feed the clone,

This stuff doesnt seem to do shit so far, all it does is makes one of the leafs die??

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Nicely put weekprik. I don't even mist mine anymore. Just sit em raised a bit off a heating pad by 2 bits of wood so the roots don't cook. I air em out about 3 times a day and around day 3 start airing em for longer periods. I usually get em to root in about 7 - 10 day this way, but I've hade one strain show roots out of the block in 5 days - seriously. I also keep tham in a seedling tray under the dome so they get air underneath them and I remove the plastic from the blocks. I get pretty much a 100 % success. So much so that I've thrown out my cloning accelerator sprays and am too cocky and will probably lose a bunch shortly...



edit - I forgot to mention about the greenthumb thing - you start to wonder what else you could clone ..... I often joke when we're out and I see a hot girl that I'd like to dip her in gel and root her but my girlfriend doesn't seem to get it.

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Guest Field_of_Light

lol wassily...my gf would kill me for thinking that....


A friend of mine dunks the bottom of the cube in water so it forces the roots down to the bottom of the cube...it works for him every time and...takes his clones 1 to 2 weeks into flowering...and you should see the difference it makes...becasue they have started to flower they go bushy as fuk and grow that way after that as well.....


I was told to dunk your cube in water lightly and squezze out excess and then put your clone in...


2 inch clones? I usually take em at 8-10 inches....big fuckers....and broke a branch once that was 1.5 feet long and made that a clone....

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hey f_o_l


the 2 inch clones were given to me ,i too, prefer clones a lot larger. but beggars cant be choosers.

they are "supposed" to be budda / skunk . but they were from a mate of a mate , so who knows


man your 1.5 ft clone would have been a ripper


i know im not quite in the right section for this. or maybe i am , but some other clones i have now need to be repotted as roots are comming out the bottom. they are in 3 inch pots.the clones were cut off an outside bush that had been budding for about a month . the cuttings are about 8 inches tall . this was about 4 weeks ago. the cuttings itself has not really grown any , just a little bit of leaf growth at the top. but heaps of roots


i found a dozen 12-14 inch pots ,washed them out in a bleach solution and was ready to repot and i started thinking these is a real big difference in pot size.


will putting them in larger pots, slow down the growth or should i put them in medium size pots and then repot them at a later date into the larger pots


any help guys



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The bigger the pot the better - the less number of time you have to repot, the better. If you've got the room and you're growing from clones so you know the sex, start them off in the pots you're going to finish in.

The more room the roots have the more they will grow.


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