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for every1 that doesnt know about the ducks foot strain, it was bred by a guy that goes by the name wally duck....plants grow short and dense untill flowering when they stretch for the sky...the most talked about part of the strain is the leaf structure because the blades are webbed making it hard to tell that the plant is a mully lol


Ducksoffspring is a cross with blueberry and i decided to plant a seed to test it out and after only 4 days in the middle of winter it sprouted and started off pretty fast untill the first serated leaves stopped growing...its growing slower than i expected but thats only due to the time of year lol


aside from blabbin on here are some pics for ur viewing pleasure and any comments or suggestions will be highly appriciated...


btw its a month old, fell off my window sill smashed up everywhere, lost its tap root in the fall and for the past month it has been sunny for about 2 weeks.....





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nice work to get it started at this time of year outdoors, lol hope it grows well and we can see some more pics of these girls coming along nicely, good luck wantdachronic, good strain hard to really tell sometimes what it really is unless you've looked at as many weed photos as we all have, but to the untrained eye its a beauty, lol
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thanks sodrysbro...that plant has been thru hell and back....i put it in a 2L coke bottle with some holes melted in the side to allow for fresh air and it got so hot of a day time the leaves burnt and so cold of a nite it got frost all over it lol....


in about a week when the soil starts drying it will be put onto miracle grow or i was thinking about using 1/2 strength hydro chems...


the ducksoffpring has 2 phenotypes...the first is a more sativa dom and doesnt branch out that much and the second is shorter, branches out alot and has a super fruity taste... im thinkin cause i can see the little leaves coming out from the nodes that its the second and im hoping its female too cause if it is its gonna be growing under lights very soon lol


btw see the bottom pic and how the leaf has a dark thing in it ??? i put it outside for 3 days while i went to visit me girl and it was torn :D any ideas how this coulda happened cause i didnt see any bugs or anything wrong with the plant b4 it went out :angry:

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super fruity taste sounds all good, lol i wanted to get some ducksfoot awile back but couldnt find nowhere that stocked it until a few months ago at cannagenetics now sells it, but its overseas ahwel, how did come to get some ducksfoot strains ? torn - not sure what that could be from maybe those tiny catapillars but i doubt it or maybe even some frost or a water bubble type thing like a bead that u get on a car when its wet maybe it frosted up made a bead bubble and the sun hit it and reacted like a magnifying glass ? im totally not sure though cant really see with those pics plus im probly one of the least likely to know :D just my theory with the water thing im still learning alot everyday but slowly getting there, maybe u can bring it inside of a night ? might help it. well atleast your getting some lights which is gonna be alot better then the cold outdoors of winter, lol peace SDB...
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hey chronic

i asked in another post about ducksoffspring and then came across this.


sounds real different


dont leave your plants outside if there is a chance of a frost, i have seen them die from frost


i have 1 outside plant that grew from a disgarded seed thrown in a pile of branches to be burnt in an area where we have a fire every now and again. in april i was walking past this pile and suddenly came to a halt, here was this 1 ft plant growing (what a find) any how i thought i would tip it to keep it short and bushy. within a few weeks it grew like shit and i tipped each branch again ,in another couple of weeks i tipped all the branches again . i never really took any care of it ,it just grew like shit

to cut a long story short it is covered in buds and i think it has about 2 -3 weeks to go.

i hope a frost doesnt effect it


dont use miracle grow , go to a hydro shop


good luck

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thanks for the advice bongonaussie...and the mission for today is to go and check up on my afghani #1 and white widow (thanks stonedas lol) plants growing at my friends house...will be recieving the hydro nutes from her and starting my baby up on them in about 5 days when the soil drys out a little more...


my windows open up into a v shap creating a semi greenhouse effect (goes hand in hand with my dismal sized room as well) and the window sill is the warmest part of the house during winter...it gets direct sun from 8:30am untill about 2pm when it gets moved to the kitchen to get the last hour of direct sun b4 our house is shrouded in shadows...when summer comes back i will have sun on the window sill from about 6:30am to about 4:30pm so its a perfect area to grow a bushy but in less then a month i will be buying atleast 1 600watt hps and will be putting her in there for 2 weeks of veggin then it will be back on the window sill...unless its male then im gonna cut it down and use the smoko materials for oil...


i will be posting more pics in about a week when i can notice a bit more growth...so untill then smoke up and keep growing

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Im going away for a week or so, so i decided to post a couple of more pics up to show the progress for the past week...


it has almost grown as much in a week as it has in a month so i hope the pics are to ur pleasure every1 B)






If any1 has any pics of this strain or any information regarding Ducks Offspring other than that listed at cannagenetics.com will be fully welcomed :D

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Hey Wantdachronic,

Im not a regular user of ozstoners but that is a sweet looking plant! I have a purple ducksfoot seedling (a few days old on its first set of leves) its actually been bred over a few years to get a purple colour in the plant when it gets cold. I cant wait untill summer & i will put her out, i just love those leaves!!!!!!! :D

mite have to hang around here & watch this grow.

Sirseshalot B)

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decided that i should do a weekly update on this baby so that a grow log is kept and enjoyed by fellow stoners...each week a few pics will be posted as well as a short description of the conditions and treatment of the plant...


there are 5 pics this week and because i stayed at my girls house for a week i had to put the plant in the yard on the bbq...it would get direct sun from about 10am to about 2pm....it has also been extremely cold outside 15-20 C of a day and 5 - 10 C of a night, totally bad to grow mj in but fuck growing outdoors in winter does have its disadvantages :o :o it has also rained for the past 2 nights so my baby woulda had a nasty time but atleast i wont have to water for atleast a few days if not a week ::o:






btw to any LEO's out there i doubt you'll find out who i am by my jumper so :D

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