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Lighting Requirements

Guest Field_of_Light

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Guest Field_of_Light

Ive wondered this beofre so now Im posting to find out what others think. I have been told to at the beginning of flowering hit the plants with 100% of the available light you are going to use as this opens up the potential budding sites....and will give you a better yield


Is this true?


Or can I do what some others have recommended and start of (lets say for example) I have 3000 watts of light....a 1.5 x 1.5 metre area...will the yield be affected by only using 1000 watts for the first couple of weeks....then adding another 1000 at the 2 week mark and then anther 1000 two weeks after that....


Advice appreciated

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yeh thats the idea...save on power......if possible but not if its going to interfere with yield

The best way to cut down on power is to look outside the grow room, how power efficient is the rest of the house?



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hi all, heres an idea for power saving. not really but it hides your activities a bit...if you got a good size grow area, say 5"x5" and 1K, you gottaget a pound out of it, 2 grows a year and youre set...turn yer lights on 6 weeks after you get your power bill(VIC,3mth billing cycle), over 3 months, you pay half next bill, half the one after lol . mind you, noone i know has come undone thru elec usage on its own. just a thought for the paranoid types...JAIKAI lol
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