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Just kink it

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:angry: Do this, do that.............Do whatever the fuck ya want just make sure that whatever ya do ya learn from it.

When I started I had all the fanciest ways and newest hot shit ideas and after a few seasons (constant indoor) when I thought I was starting to grow a better plant an old bloke, been growin reefer since he was a young fella showed me a plant that I couldn't belive, the chunkiest, dencest, branchiest plant I've ever seen.

When I asked how he wandered over and with a crooked smile just grabbed the plant by one of its main branches and just bent the fucker ovar then repeated this to every strait branch. He (and I) reckons if yer not in any great rush and want aplant that is jast the hedgiest thing youve ever seen just walk in ya room once a day and kink/bend/snap all branches and groath over 4 inches. This slows the growing prosses but gives a much hardier and extreamly compact plant.

Even just try it on one plant on the side, youll like what you get!


Same gows for a big tall bud, snap the fucker over and watch the new groth fatten the bud

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