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Online Hydro Aussie Stores

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Hey ppls i was wondering if any uses online hydro shops

to ask questions about products and so forth


any1 got any links to aussie online hydro shops..?

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Guest weekprik



I havent used them for products but he always answers my questions and has started a faq kinda thing,

His prices are pretty good too, and he does FREE POST.

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www.wearehydroponics.com is the store I use, as its the closest, i dont think they do mail order though??

as i found out trying to locate it, the url is actually www.wearehydroponics.com.au


it seems there is the ability to 'order online' by completing the form here:



thanks for all the links peepz!

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Hey Elefant...

Try Nitroflo...Cheapest you'll get and they answer your emails straight away (within reason) WAY cheaper than those commercial ripp-offs at the Hydroshop...Those pricks have all the bullshit to squeeze avery last cent out of you!


I went to the local one in N/castle and this young prick is trying to sell me all sorts of stuff I didn't need...Also, there lamps are almost 40 to 50 % more expensive than Chris at Nitroflo!...Fuck Hydroshop...!!



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Guest Wilderbud


P.S. I made the web page :P

I could do a better job of the site in my sleep. ;)


Ill have to have a look at that store since its right next to a train station. lol


Do you know if they sell lobay light kits there Rattdog - is a Whitewing or Adjusta the same? I need a Lobay 600W SonT Plus soon! =)


Edit: Ive got 45cmX90cm to fit a light into. =)

Edited by Wilderbud
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