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Bowling for Colombine

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I just watched this movie last night on video.You may have heard about it.It`s all about America`s obssession with guns and centres around the shooting massacre at an American high school in `99.The 2 students who did the killing called themselves `The Trench Coat Mafia`, I think.

I was stoned when I first watched it and I just couldn`t take it all in so I watched it again while I was straight.I enjoyed it the 2nd time as well.It`s hilariously funny as well as quite informative and at times, moving.

I`m not going to spoil it for you by telling you the specifics but.... well, have you ever heard the saying ` Only in America`? Well, that about sums it up - and let`s hope it remains true.It certainly makes me glad that I live here and not there.

There was one thing which I noticed that I`m not sure the film-maker noticed/thought relevant... The date of the massacre : 4/20/99 (in the US) .Look familiar?

I`m not , for a moment suggesting Marijuana would make anybody commit such a horrendus act of violence but I wouldn`t be surprised if those 2 guys were stoners and did it on that day (rather than , say, the previous week) for a reason.

Of course, I`m sure many may disagree with me on this.Please let me know what you think.Do you think it is likely to be pure coincidence?

Anyway, I highly recommend checking this movie out.It`s a new release at your local video store now.

It was made by Michael Moore.Apparentley he made some sort of controversial speech at the Academy Awards when he received the award for `Best Documentary` for this movie but I didn`t see that.

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Guest Field_of_Light

You know whats just as weird...Oprah winfrey had him on her show about this doco....basically illustrating Americans should not be proud of their gun toting reputation.....


Did you ever watch the series Michael ran...that had to be one of the funiest Ive seen in a long time....he basically just gave immense amounts of shit to big corporate america and the government....One case he exposed America training Contra rebels...in America....too weird.....

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IMO the problem with the present day mindset is that the idea of governments being corrupt and in bed with big business is so passe and to an extent accepted practice that it simply doesn't interest people anymore. People like Michael Moore can expose the true ugliness of the world all they want, but the sad truth is people just don't give a shit. :P
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Guest Urbanhog
Ill have to check it out..sounds cool-ish ...kind of...I saw a flik last night with Nic Cage in it called Adaption..it was from the same guy who made "Being John Malkovich"..it was pretty OK :P.Not your average crap flik.





Yeah I watched that yesterday, it was average, bit odd in some ways, I would like to know more about that strange green powder drug they were snorting.


Urbie :P

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