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Northern Lights in W.A...?

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Hi All,


Love this site!! I currently have some Northern Lights seeds that I have just germinated. I was going to use these in my new wardrobe setup, but I had the great fortune of coming across some kick-ass clones, going for next to nothing. So my question is, would I be able to grow these outside instead? I'm in Perth, and I had 2 outdoors plants over summer, grown from random seeds. They've long since been smoked, and they turned out pretty sweet. But I'm not sure about growing in colder weather, so any help would be grouse! I get my clones tomorrow, and it's my first go at hydro. I'm gonna post some pics and keep you updated. It's a 3 plant recirculation setup under a 400w metal halide, in a large wardrobe. Installed the fan and light last night. Or I should say, my other half installed the fan and light! hehe. I did everything else though! Anyways, any info on the above subject would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi there fellow Perthite.


The temps are too cold right now, and the light hours far too short to grow effectively outdoors at the moment. We've just had the winter equinox so the day time is slowly going to increase over the rest of winter and into spring and summer until the summer equinox! It's during these times, when the daylight hours are above 12/12 (day/night) that mj can grow vegetatively, or veg. When the daytime The longer the vegging times, before setting into flowering the better the yeild. Make sense? I'd advise you to keep the plants indoors at this time of the year if you are planning to veg, if you put them out now, not only will they have a bit of trouble with the light, setting it quickly into flower, but this late into winter they may actually get very confused at the start of spring when the hours start to really increase, and then turn to vegging. This will throw up a whole heap of problems, and I could go into them if you want me too, but to cut a long story short, don't put them outside yet.


There are a few options here, and this is just a general answer mind, I don't have many more specifics about your outdoor setup.

So, if you veg them under the metal halide in the cupboard, you could give them a substantial head start on the normal growing season, and then put them out under full sun when the daylight hours get above 12/12, grow them all through spring, summer and then they'll turn and harvest monster plants in autumn/winter. (Depending on strain.)


Or, you could just take a few clones from the vegging plants in the cupboard when spring starts up, and put those outside and grow over summer too. You'll get a substantial head start this way too, as you aren't pissfarting around growing them from seed, and they just get up and grow!


Or, you could just say, fuck this, I can't be bothered growing outdoors, indoor is the go, and concentrate on the wardrobe.... this way you have complete control over "summer" and "winter" indoors, and can fine-tune growing conditions to make for outstanding growth. There's still a lot to be said for outdoor growing tho, nothing like the sun for sunlight, is there?


I too grow in a wardrobe, (just in case you haven't noticed.... :P ) and if you'd like some advice on this, just ask away, I'll give a hand where I can. Alternatively, tell me to stick it up my uppity ass and ignore me! ::P:


Hope that helps ya, and get's the old brain ticking over. If you have any other queries, I'm always here to help. :P Great to see a fellow Perth grower on the boards! Good luck and great growin!

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Thanks Skywalker, I sorta thought that might be the case. Anyway, my neighbour next door is gonna grow them under lights and I'm gonna concentrate on more important things :P Thanks for your offer of help, I'll probably hit you up in a couple of days!! This site has a world of info all on it's own, so I'm fairly geared up. Gotta stop getting so wasted and forgetting shit! I'm like a fuckin' ping pong ball going between my growroom and computer. hehe. I live in a cool street where all my neighbours smoke, and we have our share of dealers and growers. Gotta watch growing outside, plenty of young idiots around. That's okay, most people would have a big kick-ass dog like a pit-bull or somethin'. Not me, we got a red heeler bitch. Nasty as fuck, bit the lesbian metho junkie that lives over the road. 6 stitches. hehehe I could tell you some funny shit and then some..... :P
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Guest weekprik
I'm like a fuckin' ping pong ball going between my growroom and computer. hehe


Mhahah- welcome to the club their :P,


I live in a cool street where all my neighbours smoke, and we have our share of dealers and growers.


Be careful mate, I hate to see people knowing others are growing, weather u trust them or not isnt the point, its if they accidentally tell someone who does tell,

Shit on TV at the moment they are advertising for narcs offereing the person that narcs 1000 buck,


In my opinion trust NOBODY cause nobody but you will take the fall mate.

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