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Best Homemade Bongs?

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Whats the Best, Cheapest Homemade Bongs you guys have ever made?

I own glassware myself this is just for people who are in times of need.


My best homemade bong was a simple Springer

Bought the right diameter tubing at the hardware store.

heated up a scissor and made the stem and shotty hole in the tubing.

Squeezed metal downpipe through the hole, and then sqeezed the whole thing on to a glass bottle.


These things are the bomb, and will probs last you untill you find some glass.

hell it beats smoking out of a plastic bottle.

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There's two homemade bongs that I'd rate highly. The one you mentioned, wyrm. The old Spring Valley glass juice bottle (250ml I think) and about a 30cm length of clear hose with a diameter of 50mm or thereabouts. Bung it together as you mentioned


The other one was made from using a 1/2 pint Oil bottle (refillable variety). In the top of it you bore a hole just large enough to slide a lenth of garden hose in. This bong probably would rate higher with me (than juice bottle), because it held a decent volume of water 'n could go around a crowd for a while without getting too skanky, too quickly. Pic below..


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i once used two water bottles and made a double chamber bong, used a metal stem and garden hose, as well as burning the holes, a bit of super glue to hold it together (very unhealthy) , :D, was AGES ago.. about 5 years ago or so, wish i had pics of it...

though now i know that these kind of homemade bongs are really unhealthy, wouldnt dream of returning to them now that i have nice glass. even if i found myself in need of one i'd rather go down to the deli and buy a nice cheap glass one for $20 rather than make one.




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Once upon a time I made a glass bong out of a 1000 watt incandescent lightbulb, the type that are used in large powerstations for hall lighting.


Just had to pull the brass Giant Edison Screw or sometimes Goliath Edison Screw (GES for the unitiated) and use a fine grinder to cut away the glass a bit before putting in two 1/2 " clear hoses and connecting the whole lot together with a red cap that had been drilled to take the hoses.


A base was made out of a section of 2" copper pipe and stuck to the globe with a large packet of araldite.


The cone bit was fashioned out of tin foil and affectionaly names Randy The Rooster.


Did that rooster waste me and my buddies. :D


In the end the old rooster died after some fool knocked it off its perch. ;)

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Hey Fellas

This is a ten arm tree diffuser portable gravity bong... all supplies from bunnings.


Fill up the bottom chamber, turn upside down and transfer the water to the top chamber, turn the knob.


Top chamber is now filled with water, pack bowl and put it in the bong and light, turn knob and water will flow into bottom chamber - drawing smoke thru the ten individual diffused arms.


Remove bowl and enjoy


rinse and repeat







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