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Deterring Animals

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Guest stoney42o
what about the smaller animals??? my plants always get these lil grey big things under the leaves...heaps of em...any ideas how to get rid of them without damaging my plants? their only young :)
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There is nothing but cages in some cases mate. I used to live deep in a granite quarry and the wallabies and possums would stop anything.


I used to trudge up my mountain with a ton of chicken wire and some stakes and make a few small cages say 2m x 2m, then Bring a box of plants in 200mm pots with plants in em up to the cage. and keep the plants there till about 2 1/2 to 3ft. Then move em out.


Even after moving them out I would still have 1/2 my plants get eaten beyond repair, but the survivors would take off too quick to be destroyed and after that nothing could eat em. The Bottom of some plants will get bare but once they start flowering the big pests dissappear and the really little ones come along.


Anyway, my cages needed a sealed roof and all and couldn't be entered. I had possums get in my first unroofed cages and kill all the plants.


Another option would be to plant your little fella in the ground make a little cage around the plant, and remove the cage when the plant is about to grow out of it.

Personally as small plants I'd rather have em all together, it is a waste to walk a few hundred mtrs to give one plant a glassfull of water.

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