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Hygrometers/Humidity gauges...

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I've seen the combined temp/humidity electronic readers, but these are around 50-60 dollars for them, and I've already got enough thermometers, let alone the fact that I don't have the cash to fork out for it.... (I'm a poor, poor man.... :;):D


So, does anyone here know where to get either a mechanical hygrometer, either a wet/dry bulb type or similar, or even a cheap, electronic humidity only gauge? I've never really had much trouble with this, but I'd like to have more control over my environment in this way.


Any help finding one will be greatly appreciated, or even if someone has an old one they aren't using anymore because they've upgraded to an electronic model and you're interested in selling it on the cheap would be fantastic. (PM me if you do...) Thanks guys. lol

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yer have a look around at places like dick smiths & jaycar electronics, they sell humidity only digital meters (%) for around $20 and thats about as cheap as they get. i only bought my thermo/hygro because i had no thermometers, so i see your point, i was going to do the same, thats when i seen those for $20.
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yeah I bought the Dick Smiths ones. About $20 for a combined temp & humidity unit. They are pretty cheap & nasty though. I bought two and one of them from the first day had a sifference of about 10 degrees from internal & external temp readings, when the external probe was right next to the unit. So god knows how innacurate they are. I have other digital thermometers I bought previously, and these things consistently read 2-3 degrees difference to the Dick Smiths ones. No idea which one is correct.
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I dont know if you have them in Aus. but i just picked up a Min/Max Daul Display Lcd Thermo/Hygrometer for $35. It displays the Min and Max temp from the inside with humdity % and it has a probe with a long cord to go outside and it displays outside temp with min and max. temp only.

Its great its a Thermometter you can see it at http://www.wormsway.com/detail.asp?sku=DMT600. I bought it at my local hydro store.


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If you are looking for equipment like metres or gauges and anything like that then check out growgear.com I have purchased so stuff from them and I am very satisfied. They delevered fast and discreetly. Anyway good luck with your plants and have fun smokin.

Keep Smokin Keep Tokin.. Thats The Way :P

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