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Planting time

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Depends on how big ya want them to grow. If you start to germinate your seeds or clones now you can plant out at the end of the month. but by April

(harvest ) you will have plants about 3 1/2 mts high (depending on strain/ type etc) I Will be starting outdoor grow at the end of the month, size of the plants isnt a prob for me. if it is for you, you will have to wait a few months more or keep tipping them. a good guide is to plant once the daylight hours start to lengthen.

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thanks for the advice barefoot,

Size isn't a problem because of where my plants are located.

I'll be germinating from seed, and i want to sprout them where they are going to grow, i have dug a hole and filled it with potting mix and water crystals and put a fence around it.

Just a little extra information

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be realy carefull of them water crystals, if we get a wet season you will get root rot , tried them years ago and found i was better off without them. if you can water twice a week its all you need. whack a heap of newspaper inbetween your seedlings and cover paper with mulch hay about $2.50 a bale this stops weeds and also provides food for ya plants as the paper and hay break down.
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planting now or at end of month isnt a good idea

cause there isnt enough lite to veg them they will start to flower for at the moment we r only getting between 11-13 hrs you would b betta of waiting untill end of septemba to plant out and u can still end up with a 3m + monster depending on methods and skill :huh:

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The days are getting longer by the end of this month. also if they do start to flower you can just pull the males, the females will grow when the days get longer. at the moment i have seeds sprouting from a crop last year (next door neighbour kept a male). Every year at the end of june i throw a heap of seeds on the ground where they are gunna grow i might have 40 plants come up, if they flower i pull the males then thin out the ratty females and ya left with with the strongest plants
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Each to his or her own of course, but I fond the best time to plant in the Burnett area is mid sept. Harvest easter following there-abouts.


If you want to grow now, i'd raise them for a while inside, and set them out at about a foot tall, and harvest them when they're done. You can keep doing this right up until the september.


Re-vegging and flowering plants again can really knock them around, but of course, if ya gonna pull them except for the strongest, then you might eleviate that. But I doubt you'll improve much on the yeild planting them before sept. Planting in Sept. gives them 9 months, and if a plant can't fullfill it's genetic destination in that time, there's something really wrong. Refowering can cause all kinds of troubles, from the plants getting plain tired by the propper head time (loosing all vigor at the most crucial time), through to causing hermophrodites.


I used to flower plants all winter in the Burnett by raising them under lights, and flowering them as I said, and the last crop, I would time to finish in sept. You can harvest masses through winter doing this, while keeping plants fresh, vigorous, and if need be, still small; yeilding around 4 oz a plant. Of course, you need more plants doing it this way, but it's real quick.


They will keep flowering right up to oct at that latitiude if they're flowering strong. The last crop, even though very young, I would harvest, and allow to re-veg. I gave up re-vegging them after a couple years, because these plants would never return the same yeild as plants I started fresh in Sept. They were just too tired. I found the best was to pull all winter plants completely, and start fresh plants.


Mulching plants is a great idea for their eco, but too much organic material in ya holes will attract echidnas and so forth digging the ground up looking for grubs, not too many fences will keep them out either. This isn't a problem unless they get a bit rough with the roots. One way to avoid this is to pin some chicken wire down flat on the ground, cutting holes for the stems of the plants to poke through. Depends what ground animals you have to deal with. I had heaps of the buggers for some reason.


Anyway, somewhere amongst all this, you'll get your own swing going, but just be sure to know, anything you plant in that district before about the begining of spring will go straight to head.

Not when the days lengthen (which is very soon), but when the days reach 12 hours long, is pot's propper veg. period. And that's about the begining of spring where you are.


You can toss seeds out and let them come up, but if you're going to grow for a whole season, I'd be selecting a real good mother, and setting out clones. It's a real bitch humping water out there for a whole summer, to find the seeds didn't give a great plant if you know what I mean. Or even worse, humping water all season to a bloody male.


It really depends on what you want to do, but I preffered to grow a selection of plants, that I knew were going to yeild heavy, and definately female. A plant grown in Sept. will yeild pounds potentially, although the best I ever grew was a pound and a half on a plant.


You know already what the limiting factor is; water. If you can get a lot of water to the plot, then you haven't got much to loose by planting a handfull of seeds, and sexing them next Feb. or so. But if you, like most of us, have to drag water to each and every plant; make the water count, and only grow females.




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