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Compact Fluorescents

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hi tom

i was just thinking about starting some clones with them

and then when they have a decent ammount of roots placing it under a 400 watt HPS

do you think that will be orite?


ps last time when i was asking about placing computer fans in a grow room you sed there was some ind ofadapter i could get

but i havent been able to find it

do you know if there is anywere i can get it online

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For size they are great, however, for power, they are no different from the straight fluros. If you find one that is, say, 120W, you think fuck thats excellent for its size and running costs. However, the actual output, around 20W, is the actualy amount of light which is absorbed by the plant.


The displayed 120W, is the brightness to which we humans percieve the light output to be. However, the energy used to power the light (20W), is the amount of light the plants see.


So, you would need quite alot of fluros to match a HID. I would suggest going for the HID as it is alot cheaper to buy if you match the entire wattage output with the fluros.

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"115VAC "PAPST BRAND" FANS: (Brand New). These 80mm German made fans are of very high quality. 50/60Hz, 0.20A, shaded pole motor. These have a metal frame with plastic blades, 40mm thickness: (G64) $12 "


Wire two of these babies in series with a lead. They are silent well they humm but you cant notice them inside of a case. Might be abit expensive but they sure move air. Also dont have to worry about apadters etc. I have two wired up.


Get one of those leads that has two wires for the active and the nuetral. If you get one that has an earth just leave it I guess or ground it to one of the fans. They have metal casings.




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