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Green Lamps

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G'day guys,


I was surfing a few weeks ago and stumbled across ed rosenthal's "ask ed". Anyway some dude asked him if it was ok to have a green lamp in the grow room for nightime gardening. Ed said yes but didn't go into specifics. I know for a lot of people this would be a very handy idea. Is there a downside i wonder. Also is there specific brands of green lamps to buy? I've asked at 2 hydro shops and they said they'd never heard of idea. So has anyone else got any thoughts?



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Guest weekprik

the idea of the green light is to work on the plant in it dark period, the plant cannot see green light so it doesnt know theres a light on anywhere, so it doesnt distrub it,


on the other hand I wouldnt trust it, just make ya timer turn it on when your awake.

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