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Hi all, just wondering if you could share your favorite cloning gel/powder. I don't know how many of you still use powder, but there may be some. Anyway, I'm after a good, gooey gel which will provide some adhesion to the surface of the stem, the one I got recently, called "Nulife Technologies Cloning Gel" was very watery. It says that it has a full spectrum of nutrients in it as well as both indole butrytic acid and napthalene acetic acid, so I picked it up figuring, "hey, it's got nutes, as well as both major rooting hormones, maybe this will be good...." But like I said, it's bloody watery. So if you guys and gals could share your fav brand of cloning gel, keeping in mind that I'm after a viscous type, then I'd be extremely grateful... :)


Maybe we could see what the most commonly used type is too... :)

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I thought they all were the same 3g/ltr indole-3-butyric-acid, as far as I know they all work and cost the same. Clonex purple, Pro-gel, anything works as far as I know. You don't really even need the shit, it just makes it a bit faster.


I know NAA is produced by the cutting to help it make roots so I can see why that might be in there but you don't need it.

I've heard B1 can slow down rooting even though it is kinda designed for that type of thing. As for hormones I tend to have a less is more attitude, you dont need tons of different hormone additives, just simple nutes for best buds I reckon.


Maybe it could be something else?? is it too cold?? too bright/dark?? are you using 1/4 strength bloom nutes?? have you tried stripping a bit of stem off the area you want to get roots (these will be the first bits to root) etc.....

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Don't get me wrong, I'm still getting a good cutting rate, but this stuff is really watery and it takes a couple of days longer for the clones to take.


As to the hormones, there are three major ones, the indole-butrytic acid type, which in this case is at 4g/l, but usually at 3g/l, like you said. Napthalene Acetic Acid is a rooting stimulator, and was one of the main types before the discovery of indole butrytic acid. You can also use another one, but for the life of me I've forgotten the name, once again, this was an old formula, which is inferior to the indole-butrytic acid.


Yeah, I always spray the clones with a weak nute solution too, so that's not a problem, I just thought I'd mention what this stuff has in it. Nulife make some good products, but I have to say, this stuff is really crappy.


What I really want to know is which one is the gooeyest. So that the gel is more adhesive, you know? Anyway, I'd be interested to know what you guys all use yourselves.... I don't think I caught what you use white cluster, care to share?

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Guest weekprik

i use clonex purple, but watery doesnt mean its no good mate, maybe even better as an excess of gel can caue problems you dont need much.

stick with t nulife if its working, or i will swap u for a bottle of clonex.

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Just a word of advice to anyone out there, when cloning sit yourself at a table. You wouldn't believe how many bottles of cloning gel I have knocked over and lost doing it in the floor.


Have to second that notion seem to spill more gel than you go through.....


Quick root is alright(4-14days) but fairly watery, dutch master (7-14days) older style (black bottle with the yellow lid is thicker) they have a new one in a white bottle but its watery...


Do you store the gel in the fridge after use? if it warms up in the grow room too long it will go watery too... or just use the whole bottle at a time :)


Main problem that i find that kills them or stops rooting is being loose in the substrate and being able to spin around or major fluxuations in humidity...

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Guest elefunk_delivers

ive never used a clone gel..

only superthrive and a bowl of water..

mix both and cut ends and dip in water..


ive had a fairly good success rate..



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Thanks for your replies guys. I'll get back to you on the particular sucess rate on these clones. I'm not detecting any probs so-far, but then again, problems usually show up a little later.


On another, related topic, how long to each of you guys keep your vents on? I usually keep the vents on my humidicrib closed for the first 3-4 days, then one open the next day, 2 the next and all three open the day after that. I seem to do okay, I get around 80-90 % normally, (A little down with this gel...) but do you guys do it differently? What am I saying, of course you do. Anyway, share your cloning methods here! :)

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