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Sure u get this alot

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Guest weekprik

balls FUCK them, bloody male mate, rip the fucker before it causes damage to you other plants, if its the only one you got and it may be hermie go grab some feminiser and try it, DONT LET THE BALLS OPEN!!!

cut em off if ya have too.

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Well that settles it :-) the plant is now Null and Void. Its dead asa doornail :-) i am contemplating smoking some but i doubt i will getanything but a headache :-)


Well thats one down about 20 to go. I will ahve to keep my eyes open cause after closer inspection the plant had about 15 balls !!!!!!! I wasnt ready for this soo soon but its nice to see things moving along



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Guest weekprik

i forget your grow type but if possible turn them to flower before you want too, then determine the sex and rip males out and turn the others back to 24/0 light,


You could smoke the male as they still have THC in them, or better off drying it and stashing it for making hash or oil.


also I would buy some dutch master Feminiser to use on the other plants just incase they are hermies.


Have you got male flowers ? Tired of getting seeds in your flower crops? Then you need Dutch Master Feminiser.


Dutch Master Feminiser is a uniquely engineered formulation that can, in most cases, stop hermaphroditic plants from exhibiting male traits & flowers. Dutch Master Feminiser has a fast knockdown action against existing male flowers as well as preventing more male flowers from forming, due to Dutch Master Feminisers unique engineering process.


Dutch Master have utilised their proprietary Phospholipid technologies to achieve the most effective & consistently high performing feminiser on the market today. By using phospholipiods we can detune the plant receptors cells that are responsible for gibberellin reception & secondary bio synthesis which are responsible for over 95% of the cases of hermaphroditic expression.


With Dutch Master Feminiser you wont have to reduce your nutrient strength as with most other products on the market or experience the severity of plant droop that can often occur when using these products.


Dutch Master Feminiser should also be used as a preventative tool prior to male flowers appearing if you are at all unsure if your plant will exhibit hermaphroditic traits. Dutch Master Feminiser is ready to go. No mixing, no getting the dosing wrong, just spray your plants until the leaves are saturated for the best results possible.


For the best & most consistent results you should always use Dutch Master Penetrator with this product. Dutch Master Feminiser has been specifically designed to work best with the addition of Penetrator.


So if you want to put an end to the male flower problem , then you need Dutch Master Feminiser!

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Has anyone used feminiser?? and found it to make a difference?



I am not to worried weekprik cause it was a rouge bagseed plant i put in. My main crop is kc33xmango/kc33xkush/kc33xledo/Afghani #1/ and G13xHP :-)



I will switching them next week and watching very very closely.


The afghani and G13hp are both clones from SPC so at least i will have 2 females.

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