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which strain do you guys recommend?

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I am about to order some clones from spc and the selection is difficult to say the least!

.....I love them all!!

I know you guys have probably been asked this question many times but....

As I have not grown any of these particular strains myself, I was wondering if anyone who has ordered from spc can help sway my opinion by telling me theirs. (I'm looking to get 2 strains)


Any stories or pics would be appreciated.


cheers guys


indecisive Damo

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Guest weekprik

Damo, i ordered from SPC,


I ordered ak47xC99 and afghani #1, as i read heaps of good info on these, so I killed them lol,


I now have G13 and G13hp, these are fast growers and only 1 ft tall but already have tar on the leaves!!

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Thanks mate..


I dont know if you have read any of my previous posts but the last strain I grew was Hollands hope...a top outdoor strain but indoor it got way too big for the room I'm using (even with short veg cycle much growth during flowering occured)


the g13 x hp is one I have given much thought...what are the yields like?.....I use hydro setup with 2x 600 sonT's


thanks for your recomendation!




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Guest elefunk_delivers

I Recommend:


Spc Indica - good yeilding nice stone

Afgani - Nice tight buds and heavy stone

g13xhp -need i say more



hope this helps..


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Guest elefunk_delivers

ive smoked ak47 x c99.. very potent smoke

nothing better then punchin the cone and feeling

the ak47 tonic released into the system..


a big yes.. from Ele


i wouldnt mind gettin clones... but i already have the original serious ak47..

in vege...

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