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Cross Breeding

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MJ has male and female plants. Males produce pollen and females produce buds. When male pollen gets on a femle bud then it makes seeds. This decreases the yield and potency of female bud, which is why unless you're breeding, you want to kill all males and just keep the flowering females for maximum yield & potency.


If you want to cross strains just get pollen from male of one strain and put onto female flowering plant of a different strain. This will get you crossed seeds with traits from each parent, but is not breeding. To breed a new strain is a lot more involved and requires growing a large number of plants for multiple generations and progressively selecting parents out of each generation for the next. I don't really understand it myself, and don't want to, its something I'll never have the time or space to do.


I might try my hand and some basic crosses though and if I find a special plant will just keep it as a mother. you never know, dumb luck can be your greatest asset sometimes lol

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