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Canna Coco Kit

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Hey i saw this avilable in a store.

Was just wondering if its good for its price ?




The Canna Coco Kit is a hydroponic system using the NEW Organic Canna Coco growing medium and a very unique automatic watering sensor called the Tropf Blumat sensor. The Tropf Blumat Sensor only waters the growing medium when it begins to dry out. Extremely simple to use, the Canna Coco Kit comes with 4 x 250mm pots & saucers, 30L bag of Canna Coco medium, 4 Tropf Blumat auto watering sensors with filter and hose, 35L drum, 2 x 1L Canna Coco nutrients and instructions.




Do you think its worth it ?



Also i would like to say even tho i am posting alot. It is helping me out so much reading what you people here have to say.

I am also in the process of buying a few hydroponic books aswell.

So sorry if i am posting alot but yeh thanks for everything :)

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$125 is quite expensive considering you could probably build that for under $50 id say.


You may want to check out using DWC Bubbler buckets, there is an easy to follow guide to building them on OG, and i think pipeman has detailed his bubbler setup.




Also, check out Tom's setup, there's a link in his signature.


Im still new to this but the above two systems seem the easiest for a newbie.

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son666 is right, you can't get simpler than a bubbler. 20L bucket, net pot with clay balls in the top, airstone in the bottom and filled with 1/3 strength nute solution to about an inch above the bottom of the pot. Water from top until roots reach nute solution and then watch your plants explode in growth.


I've only got one bubbling bucket going at the moment, but will be starting a bubbler diary from start to finish soon.


below is a pic of the one plant I currently have going in a bubbler.


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Funny enough I've been reading up on Canna stuff today too.


I rekon that system in the pic is a waste of money and like everyone else has said, you can build it your self. I dunno about that 'Tropf Blumat sensor' either, it may work well enough but i'm sure it'd be cheaper to have a pump and drip sytem that'll do the same job but less $$


Bubblers sound like a great idea. Just one Question though, isn't it a PITA to have to lift the lid and change the nutes every week? What happens when the roots are left out the water while you refill?




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Bubblers sound like a great idea.  Just one Question though, isn't it a PITA to have to lift the lid and change the nutes every week?  What happens when the roots are left out the water while you refill?

you have all your buckets connected through piping that enters each bucket as close as possible to the bottom. And this is also connected to a control bucket, which has no plants in it. You do your water topups, PH adjustments and fill and empty the system through this control bucket. All buckets need to be on the same level and the piping level in between, so the water height in all buckets will always be the same as the control bucket. To make things even easier you can set up a float valve that feeds from a res. to keep water levels topped up automatically.


BTW, there's nothing wrong with leaving the roots out if you didn't have a control bucket system, I do this at the moment and just put the lid with the netpot & plant on an empty bucket and the roots just hang there. It won't hurt them in the short time it takes you to do what you need to do.

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HaHaHa $125 for that? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????????


I could make that exact setup for $40-50


Those water sensors cost like $10-15 at your local hydro shop, coco peat is about $4 for 25-30L at BigW, all the irrigation stuff wouldn't be more then a few $$ at BigW also


$125 for that is insane!!!!!


Im actually thinking about setting up the same kinda system using those sensors and a 25L Res that will sit above plants. Im using 50/50 perlite coco peat mix just hand watering under CF's ATM and they are growing hard!


My 2 AK's have atleast 10-20 bud sites (well i hope there bud sites :))

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Thanks for telling me how much you can make this for.

Now i am going to find a setup i like then make that from scratch instead of paying $125 when ican make it for half the price.


Only problem now is i am trying to think of a design which can hold up to 3 or so plants running under say 600w HID lighting.

And i cant think of a design.

I have been looking at the bubbler and american hydro sites to get ideas from.

Anyone know any good places.

Write back thanks.

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