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Germinating Kits

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Hello how are you going.

I am looking to make a setup with my main growing area and also a germinating,seedlings and cuttings area.


Now i know you can buy germinating kits etc from hydroponics shops but what would i need in a kit.

Flourosecnt Lighting, Heatpad anything else i would need.


Know of any good ones instead of the paper towel methods etc.

Do you know of any good links on the net what are for australian sites to get them thanks.

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I have now successfully germinated about 50 seeds with a 100% germination rate. All i do is put em straight in soil and water em once a day untill i see the thing pointing aboutve the soil. THats all there is to it. U dont need a heat pad or any of that shit. Maby for cloning
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germinating kit?? I know where you can get one.


2 x solid ceramic plates.

12 sheets of paper towel.

bottle of distilled water.

Packet of styrofoam cups.

Perlite/vermiculite mix.


Lay 6 bits of paper towel on plate, soak with distilled water. put seeds on top. lay another 6 bits of paper towel on top of seeds and wet. then drain off excess water. Put seeds somewhere warmish e.g. top of computer monitor top of vcr. (I stick mine on my water heater which is indoors.) Check seeds every 6 hours and any seeds with their tails showing should be put in pots. Put drainage holes in bottom of styrofoam cups and fill with moist perlite/vermiculite mix. make 1cm indent in top of medium and put seed in with tail sticking up to the surface. cover seed over lightly and wait for it to come up.


There you go, seed germinating kit. cheap eh?? and it came with instructions.

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